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My goal with mande plants is to teach about medicinal and edible plants, show how to grow these plants, where to find these plants, and how to use these plants. There are many useful botanicals in our world. I will growing seasonal crops and perennial edibles using organic methods as best as possible. One of my long term goals is to grow a temperate food forest garden. As I grow new plants and harvest them I will be sharing photos and details on this blog. All photos on this blog are taken by me. If you like this blog and you would like to help me further my research you can use the paypal donate button on the right. All donations will be used to buy tools, plants, seeds, and pay for expenses needed to develop gardens.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Common Edible "Weeds" - Part 1

No organic garden or lawn is free of what is commonly called a weed. Much time and aggravation is put into eradicating these innocent little plants. But instead of putting for all the effort to annihilate these herbs why not treat them as another garden crop? The First two plant I will talk about are Dandelion and Plantain.

Dandelion is an amazing food herb. Every part of this plant is edible: the flowers, leaves, roots, and stem. The Flowers may be dipped in batter and fried up as fritters. The leaves being slightly bitter are a refreshing addition to salads. The roots may be eaten raw or cooked and have a bitter turnip like flavor. The root and leaves help to increase and move the flow of bile in body. This plant is also a diuretic, but unlike most diuretics dandelion is high in potassium which is a mineral that is depleted easily via urine. The root is good for the liver as well. Dandelions are high in vitamins A, C, E, B-complex, and iron.

Plantain is in the Plantago genus (not to be confused with the banana plantain). Plantain's leaves are best eaten when young, as they age they become more fibrous. Older plantain leaves are still edible but need to be cooked as a potherb to be enjoyable. The seeds of plantain may be consumed as well. Plantain is high is vitamins A, C, and K.

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