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My goal with mande plants is to teach about medicinal and edible plants, show how to grow these plants, where to find these plants, and how to use these plants. There are many useful botanicals in our world. I will growing seasonal crops and perennial edibles using organic methods as best as possible. One of my long term goals is to grow a temperate food forest garden. As I grow new plants and harvest them I will be sharing photos and details on this blog. All photos on this blog are taken by me. If you like this blog and you would like to help me further my research you can use the paypal donate button on the right. All donations will be used to buy tools, plants, seeds, and pay for expenses needed to develop gardens.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Landscape Plants - Pyracantha or Firethorn

Pyracantha belongs to the Rose family and like other plants in this family it has hydrogen cyanide present in its seeds and fruit. Because of the presence of Hydrogen Cyanide you would not want to eat these fruits raw in excess. While Hydrogen Cyanide is a respiratory and digestive stimulate in small quantities it can be quite toxic if too much is consumed. Cooking them on the other hand renders the toxin harmless. Firethorn makes excellent sauces and preserves when cooked with sugar or honey.

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